Waste Not is a mobile app designed to make it easy and simple to sort your waste. This was inspired by my own experiences to become more environmentally conscious and mindful about all of the waste I produce. I’m rushing out the door, but I’m holding some questionable trash in my hands. I’m looking at the trash bin and the recycling bin, and in a panic just toss it in either one. Pizza boxes, styrofoam, grocery bags, bottle caps and batteries. Where do they go? What do those numbers mean on my take out container? Even the most experienced recyclers run into doubts. This is where Waste Not comes in. Tap through a category or search for something specific, and it will tell you exactly where it belongs. It’s that easy.

Waste Not is designed with an emphasis on community. Enter your location for a personalized archive based on your local recycling and waste management guidelines. Waste Not also strongly encourages composting. According to the EPA: organic materials continue to be the largest source of municipal solid waste, more than plastic, paper, metal, or glass.